Our Personal Horoscope By Joan Candaza

The ancient art of reading tea leaves in a cup is quite simple, and can be learned in a very short time. When we wish to hone our psychic intuition but neglect the other areas of a spiritual life , we are susceptible to misleading forces. If you find yourself experiencing a lot of hit-or-miss readings, you may find yourself blaming your psychic. People who are gifted with certain intuitive powers are known as psychics, and they carry out sessions with individuals who are curious to know about something special around them.

If it's a phone reading, at least 15 minutes before the reading sit in a quiet room. It is your psychic reading —your questions are simply being answered through the help of a psychic reader. Because of your 'high end' style story, your about page, sales page, and homepage all scream 'luxury brand.' However, you are doing your run of the mill readings and targeting the working class.

I have a lot of people who don't like to fly right before or during a full moon, because they just feel that more things could possibly go wrong then. Selling high end requires a very different strategy to selling your run of the mill readings; Cardi B a strategy which you do not fall into by accident.

I'd recommend only seeing a reader perhaps twice a year, every six months or so - and only seeing one sooner if a life circumstance has significantly occurred enough to warrant one that early. Psychometry is reading the energy of an object. My feeling of dread and fear before the reading was trying to keep me away from that particular person and I should have heeded that.

Your reader may sense your frazzled energy, and it may the throw the reading off if you're not focused. So don't get readings from people whose identities are unknown, even if these types of readings are free and even if you think they're convenient or fun. For a directory of psychics and mediums based on location, visit where you can write reviews about your best readings.

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